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a woman standing in the middle of the street with a blurred background as part of her substance induced psychosis

Lost in My Mind: My Experience with Substance Induced Psychosis

Quick Summary: Navigating the dark waters of addiction can be daunting; coupling it with psychosis makes it even more challenging. My journey through substance induced psychosis provides a stark window
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alone in a room full of people while experiencing delirium tremens

Hallucinations, Fear, and Hope: My Story Through Delirium Tremens

Quick Summary: Navigating the harrowing landscape of delirium tremens was the most challenging battle of my life. This severe form of alcohol withdrawal not only tested my resilience but also
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a woman looking at us and smiling after her aquatic therapy for addiction recovery

16 Ways Aquatic Therapy Strengthens Your Body and Mind During Recovery

Quick Summary: Aquatic therapy has become a cornerstone of comprehensive rehabilitation programs, particularly for individuals recovering from addiction. Utilizing the unique properties of water, this form of therapy provides physical
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m365 pills white spread across a white background

Examining M365 Pill (White)

Quick Summary: Opioids are a powerful class of medications known for their effectiveness in managing pain but also for their high potential for addiction and dependence. The M365 pill white
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