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Outpatient Detox Center
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Detox is often the first step in the addiction treatment process. It is a time when the body rids itself of toxins accumulated due to drug or alcohol addiction. Detox is not easy, and in many cases, should not be done without medical supervision to ensure help is available should withdrawal symptoms become unmanageable or dangerous. Formal detox programs can help you through the early stages of detox and withdrawal by providing a safe space where you can manage withdrawal symptoms under the supervision of medical and mental health professionals. 

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What is Outpatient Detox?

An outpatient detox program allows you to seek help at the detox center during the day while still returning home at night. For many, outpatient settings are preferable to inpatient residential programs. An outpatient program allows you to continue to work and maintain family obligations while getting the addiction treatment you need to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery. It is essential to note, the primary difference between inpatient and outpatient detox is the lack of medical supervision and monitoring.

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How Does Outpatient Detox Work?

Detoxification or detox is the process whereby the body processes out substances such as drugs and alcohol. With medically supervised detox (as commonly occurs in residential settings), medical supervision is provided. During medically supervised detox, a trained team of medical professionals is on hand to monitor your vital signs and overall mental and physical health during the detox process. If withdrawal symptoms become too difficult to manage, they can administer medications to help ease the severity of symptoms. Also, should withdrawal symptoms become severe, as can happen with alcohol and certain drugs, medical staff can assist with emergent medical care.

In outpatient detox settings, medically supervised detox is not available. In an outpatient detox program, a team of treatment professionals will work with you to determine a detox and treatment plan that meets your unique treatment needs. Part of the planning process includes a comprehensive review of your medical history and your history with substance abuse treatment and recovery. 

Outpatient programs are often most successful for those who have a stable, supportive home environment. For certain substances, outpatient detox is not recommended due to the dangerous, potentially life-threatening nature of some common withdrawal symptoms. If you struggle with an addiction to alcohol, some opioids, or benzodiazepines, an inpatient residential program with medically supervised detox services may be a safer choice. In some outpatient detox programs, medications can be provided to help ease cravings and minimize some withdrawal symptoms; however, medical monitoring is not typically available.

Suppose your medical exam and initial assessment find that your needs can be met through an outpatient detox program. In that case, you will work with the facilities’ treatment team to create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs throughout the detox process. This plan will consider several factors, including your current mental health, physical health, the severity of addiction and substances used, gender, age, and history with substance abuse detox and treatment. Outpatient detox programs follow various timelines depending on the substances you are detoxing from. Some substances are quickly eliminated from the system, and therefore the detox process occurs more quickly. Other substances can take weeks or months to thoroughly flush from your body.

Depending on the severity of your addiction, it may be necessary to detox from alcohol in a medically supervised setting. The withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol detox can be dangerous and, in some cases, fatal if medical intervention is not available. Alcohol detox should only occur in an outpatient environment if a medical professional has deemed it is safe to do so. Initial withdrawal symptoms from alcohol addiction generally occur within six to twelve hours after your last drink. In many cases, withdrawal symptoms will peak within three to four days; however, the effects of alcohol detox can be felt for as few as two, and as many as ten days.

As with alcohol detox, acute benzodiazepine withdrawal can have serious side effects and risks that could require immediate medical intervention. Likewise, it is essential to review your needs with your medical provider before detoxing in an outpatient setting. Withdrawal symptoms from benzodiazepines (depending on the drug) can begin in one to seven days and last up to eight weeks. 

While detoxing from opioids can be unpleasant, it doesn’t typically carry the same emergent risks as detoxing from alcohol or benzodiazepines. However, there are cases where your medical provider may recommend inpatient detox due to the specific drug of addiction or severity of the addiction. You can expect withdrawal symptoms to begin within as little as eight hours after your last dose lasting for as long as three weeks. 

Withdrawal from stimulants can be expected to last up to five days. Most common detox symptoms appear within twenty-four hours of last use.

Withdrawal symptoms associated with marijuana are generally relatively mild. Symptoms will often appear within one to three days after you last used, peaking around six days. For most people, detox from marijuana is complete after one or two weeks.

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What to Expect at Comfort Recovery LLC's Outpatient Detox Program in Agoura

Choosing a detox program from the thousands of available options can appear daunting. The more you research the services and amenities of each program, the easier the process becomes. It is essential to select a detox (and treatment program) that creates a program specifically designed to meet your unique needs. Addiction affects everyone differently, and therefore your detox, and treatment program must consider your specific needs to ensure success. 

At Comfort Recovery LLC’s Agoura Hills outpatient detox program, we provide detox services for a variety of substances. Not all outpatient detox programs provide specialized treatment services and cannot assist with some forms of detox. 

At Comfort Recovery LLC, we want to ensure you have the best chance for long, lasting recovery. For this reason, we have created a variety of outpatient treatment programs, including outpatient detox, intensive outpatient addiction treatment, and outpatient addiction treatment. If you or a loved one are ready to take the first step towards sobriety and recovery, begin your path to healing at our Los Angeles Outpatient Detox.

"Becky and Alison and the amazing team are here to really help people with addiction and related mental health issues. The intimate and approachable setting here will make anyone feel comfortable and the multi-faceted programming really deals with the entire scope of underlying triggers and reasons that people turn to abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place. I would refer friends and family here without hesitation."
- Greg, Alumni
"Great place! One of my friends spent time here to kick a bad habit and to eventually live healthier. Ever since my friends treatment here they have become more confident, beat a bad habit, and now live a healthy lifestyle and are doing something meaningful with their life. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of help or to anyone who knows someone in need of help."
- Trainer, Loved-One
"Heart centered therapy with skills and competencies of the highest standard. Body - Mind - Spirit blend together in order to provide outstand services at Comfort Recovery LLC."
- Michael, Professional
"Comfort Recovery LLC Staff is the best, and great session options and outpatient programs.
- Gabriela, Alumni

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