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Los Angeles, California

Partial Hospitalization Program

There are many different levels of care available across the country for you to choose from when you decide to seek addiction treatment. There are outpatient care programs, intensive outpatient programs (IOP), inpatient hospitalization programs, partial hospitalization programs (PHP), retreats, and residential programs. It is easy to see how challenging it might be to determine which program is the best fit for your treatment needs. 

Description of PHP

What Exactly is Partial Hospitalization?

Partial hospitalization programs go by different names depending on the treatment center. Sometimes they are called day programs, and some addiction treatment facilities refer to them as outpatient programs. However, not all outpatient programs provide the same level of care you might expect (or need) from a partial hospitalization program in Los Angeles.

Partial Hospitalization programs or PHPs provide intensive treatment for addiction and behavioral health issues without necessarily requiring an overnight or extended stay at a Agoura Hills drug detox program. Partial hospitalization programs offer the same level of therapy and counseling you would expect in a residential setting while still affording the opportunity to attend to family or work obligations. Depending on the program, you might be expected to participate in therapy sessions five to seven days a week. Sometimes the sessions may last for up to eight hours a day and consist of a combination of individual and group therapy. Partial hospitalization programs are sometimes better suited for those not struggling with a severe addiction or for those who have never been through treatment before. If you have completed an addiction treatment program and have experienced relapse, an inpatient setting might be better suited to your treatment needs. Also, partial hospitalization programs in Los Angeles are intensive and highly structured. If you do not show signs of improvement or do not attend treatment sessions, you may be referred to a residential treatment program. 

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Choosing a type of treatment

What's the Difference Between Inpatient & Partial Hospitalization?​

Inpatient or residential treatment (often considered similar treatment options) provides the greatest level of patient care. The firsts step in a residential treatment program, if necessary, is medically supervised withdrawal (or detox). In an inpatient setting, trained medical staff is on-site at all times to ensure they are available should your withdrawal symptoms become difficult to manage. As previously noted, withdrawal from drugs that produce a strong physical dependence (such as opioids and alcohol) can be dangerous to detox from without treatment assistance. This does not mean detox services cannot be part of an outpatient or intensive outpatient program in Los Angeles; however, the hands-on level of care surrounding medically assisted detox is vastly improved at inpatient residential treatment programs. At an inpatient residential addiction treatment center, you will remain on-site at an addiction treatment facility for the duration of your individually designed program. The length of time you will stay can vary significantly and depends on your unique treatment needs. In some cases, stays can last as little as a few weeks, whereas others may last several months. 

The primary difference between inpatient residential programs and partial hospitalization programs is the ability to come and go from the facility at the end of the day. In a partial hospitalization program, you attend therapy at the treatment center and then return home at night. At an inpatient residential treatment program, you will remain on-site attending therapy and immersing yourself in the addiction treatment program for the duration of your stay. Inpatient residential programs are often the most beneficial for those struggling with a severe addiction requiring medically assisted detox or those without a strong support structure at home to help them maintain sobriety during the hours when they are not immersed in the treatment community.

Los Angeles Outpatient Program.

Why Go to Rehab?

Why Do I Need Treatment? Can't I Quit on My Own?

If you are one of the millions of Americans struggling with a substance abuse disorder or addiction, there has likely come a time when you thought, “I can quit on my own.” Whether an addiction to alcohol, opioids (prescription painkillers), cocaine, heroin, or any other type of drug, you may believe you can stop at any time. Unfortunately, that is, more often than not, easier said than done.

Quitting on your own without seeking assistance from an addiction or detox program is very challenging. Medical and mental health professionals often advise against trying to detox and withdraw from substances without medical supervision. Even if you have a strong will and fierce determination, withdrawal symptoms can be unpleasant and, in some cases, dangerous. Many who try to detox on their own will inevitably relapse. With medically supervised detox, a trained team of addiction treatment professionals can provide ways to help reduce and manage withdrawal symptoms leading to an increased chance of treatment success. 

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"Becky and Alison and the amazing team are here to really help people with addiction and related mental health issues. The intimate and approachable setting here will make anyone feel comfortable and the multi-faceted programming really deals with the entire scope of underlying triggers and reasons that people turn to abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place. I would refer friends and family here without hesitation."
- Greg, Alumni
"Great place! One of my friends spent time here to kick a bad habit and to eventually live healthier. Ever since my friends treatment here they have become more confident, beat a bad habit, and now live a healthy lifestyle and are doing something meaningful with their life. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of help or to anyone who knows someone in need of help."
- Trainer, Loved-One
"Heart centered therapy with skills and competencies of the highest standard. Body - Mind - Spirit blend together in order to provide outstand services at Comfort Recovery LLC."
- Michael, Professional
"Comfort Recovery LLC Staff is the best, and great session options and outpatient programs.
- Gabriela, Alumni

Quality Treatment in California

Our Los Angeles Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial hospitalization programs offer more freedom in an outpatient setting; however, our staff provides the same dedicated treatment in our Los Angeles PHP programs as would be found in our residential program. Your uniquely designed partial hospitalization program will still be composed of evidence-based therapies, including support groups, individual or group therapy, and various alternative treatment options. The treatment and support provided in a partial hospitalization program provide you the opportunity to discuss past trauma, current fears, and setbacks you may have experienced along the road to sobriety in a safe, non-judgmental space.

Quit Abusing Drugs & Alcohol for Good at Comfort Recovery LLC

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction, don’t lose another day. It is possible to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery with the help of an addiction treatment program at our Agoura Hills, California detox, and addiction treatment center. Defeating addiction once and for all, is not an easy process. Our luxury treatment facility and individually designed programs can help you take those first steps with confidence and determination. If you are ready, quit abusing drugs and alcohol for good at Comfort Recovery LLC.

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Our Los Angeles Partial Hospitalization Program

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