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Los Angeles, California

Outpatient Treatment Program
Los Angeles

If you are struggling with a severe addiction to certain substances such as heroin or oxycodone or if you have completed treatment before and suffered a relapse, it is typically best to seek treatment at an addiction treatment center. In these facilities, there are increased opportunities for essential treatment services such as medically assisted detox and assistance with withdrawal.

However, if you have a mild issue with substance abuse, if caught in the early phases, it can often be managed at an outpatient rehab program. Suppose you are motivated to stop using but have restrictions such as family obligations or work obligations that do not allow you to easily attend treatment in an inpatient setting. In that case, outpatient rehab can offer essential flexibility to ensure treatment is possible.  

Learning The Difference

What's the Difference Between
Inpatient & Outpatient Treatment?

Inpatient and outpatient treatment programs both focus equally on addiction treatment; however, each has unique qualities and benefits.

What is Inpatient Treatment Program ?

Inpatient treatment programs are intensive programs that require you to be “live” at the treatment center for the duration of your addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. These programs are often used to treat severe addictions or to address situations where you may have completed addiction treatment previously but suffered a relapse.

How Inpatient Treatment Works

An inpatient treatment program, also called residential treatment, will require you to check into the treatment facility. You will stay on-site and work with addiction treatment staff to overcome your addiction with the benefit of 24 hour emotional and medical support. Inpatient programs typically have a higher success rate as the treatment environment removes opportunities for using or relapsing during the treatment process. Most residential programs last between 1 and 6 months. The duration of your stay will depend on your treatment needs. Inpatient programs are often more expensive than outpatient programs; however, the benefits afforded at inpatient treatment are substantial.

What is Outpatient Treatment Program ?

Outpatient treatment program CA allow you to seek addiction treatment services while still living at home. Attending an outpatient rehab program is often more affordable than inpatient residential programs, and the structure of the program allows you to maintain more elements of your everyday routine.

How Does Outpatient Treatment Work?

During Outpatient Treatment you will attend therapy between 5 and 7 days per week, depending on the outpatient program’s intensity. The length and type of counseling sessions will depend both on the program and on your individual treatment needs. Outpatient and intensive outpatient programs also typically last longer than residential inpatient programs. Due to their less intensive structure, it may take additional time for you to meet your therapeutic goals. Most outpatient substance abuse program last 3 months to over 1 year. During this time, you will be required to attend all scheduled therapy sessions throughout the week. Therapy sessions in an outpatient rehab Los Angeles generally consist of individual and group counseling, education about substance addiction, and time spent learning and practicing new coping strategies to help you adapt to life after addiction. If you are unable to attend (or choose not to attend) daily counseling sessions, you might be referred to an inpatient residential program that may better suit your needs.

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How we can help you

The Benefits of Our Outpatient
Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

Seeking outpatient drug rehab can be beneficial if you have a mild substance abuse problem or if this is your first time seeking addiction treatment. If inpatient treatment is difficult due to family or personal obligations that limit your ability to be away from home, a Los Angeles outpatient rehab program could help you access the addiction treatment you need to start down the road to recovery. Our outpatient rehab in Los Angeles provides the same evidence-based addiction treatment provided in our residential settings, with the flexibility and freedom you need to start and complete an addiction treatment program successfully.

Another benefit to outpatient addiction treatment is its integration into many aftercare programs. Once you complete an inpatient residential program, you will begin aftercare. Aftercare involves a variety of ongoing medical treatments and continuous addiction therapy. Aftercare is essential to lasting, long-term sobriety. Therapy that happens as part of an aftercare program is part of many outpatient addiction treatment programs. Finally, outpatient rehab often allows for an easier transition from addiction treatment to your new life after substance abuse. Because you remain at home and in your community throughout the treatment process, you learn how to integrate what you have learned in treatment into your day to day life from the very beginning of your addiction treatment program. For some, this is easier than trying to do so after returning home from an inpatient residential program. 

Los Angeles Outpatient Program.

Quality Treatment in California

The Outpatient Program at Comfort Recovery LLC in Agoura Hills, CA

Comfort Recovery LLC’s outpatient rehab program in Agoura Hills, CA, provides the same treatment options typically offered as part of residential inpatient programs in a luxury outpatient treatment setting. Outpatient addiction treatment at Comfort Recovery LLC consists of traditional therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and group therapies, used in conjunction with various alternative therapies designed to meet your unique treatment needs. 

We understand that time away from home to complete a residential treatment program may not be possible for everyone. Through our outpatient program in Agoura Hills, you can achieve sobriety with the help of our caring and compassionate treatment staff, many of whom share experiences similar to yours. Upon entering our program, we will work with you to create an outpatient drug rehab program specific to your treatment needs. Addiction treatment and a sober future are only a phone call away. Contact us and continue your Journey of recovery in Los Angeles at Comfort Recovery LLC.

Outpatient Treatment Program at Comfort Recovery LLC

Outpatient addiction treatment programs in Agoura Hills provide drug and alcohol treatment scheduled during the week. This schedule allows you to still seek addiction therapy but continue to live at home. You and your loved ones must understand the differences between these programs before selecting a treatment program. 

Did You Know?

Health Insurance Can Help Pay for Treatment.

"Becky and Alison and the amazing team are here to really help people with addiction and related mental health issues. The intimate and approachable setting here will make anyone feel comfortable and the multi-faceted programming really deals with the entire scope of underlying triggers and reasons that people turn to abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place. I would refer friends and family here without hesitation."
- Greg, Alumni
"Great place! One of my friends spent time here to kick a bad habit and to eventually live healthier. Ever since my friends treatment here they have become more confident, beat a bad habit, and now live a healthy lifestyle and are doing something meaningful with their life. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of help or to anyone who knows someone in need of help."
- Trainer, Loved-One
"Heart centered therapy with skills and competencies of the highest standard. Body - Mind - Spirit blend together in order to provide outstand services at Comfort Recovery LLC."
- Michael, Professional
"Comfort Recovery LLC Staff is the best, and great session options and outpatient programs.
- Gabriela, Alumni

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