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Comfort Recovery LLC is an ASAM-designated Addiction Treatment Center in Agoura Hills, a state-licensed and accredited facility. Our program is designed to assist individuals with their Drug and Alcoholism addiction and Mental Health problems and so that they may develop a strong recovery foundation upon which they may build a responsible, healthy and productive life. We provide patients a holistic and individualized recovery plan, using evidence-based modalities in a trauma-informed approach to promoting healing, wellness, self-advocacy, and individual accountability to support patients’ foundation for meaningful recovery. Our specialized services include individual and multi-modal group therapy, family therapy, support, and more!

Drug addiction rehab center - Los Angeles
"Becky and Alison and the amazing team are here to really help people with addiction and related mental health issues. The intimate and approachable setting here will make anyone feel comfortable and the multi-faceted programming really deals with the entire scope of underlying triggers and reasons that people turn to abusing drugs and alcohol in the first place. I would refer friends and family here without hesitation."
- Greg, Alumni
"Great place! One of my friends spent time here to kick a bad habit and to eventually live healthier. Ever since my friends treatment here they have become more confident, beat a bad habit, and now live a healthy lifestyle and are doing something meaningful with their life. I would recommend this place to anyone in need of help or to anyone who knows someone in need of help."
- Trainer, Loved-One
"Heart centered therapy with skills and competencies of the highest standard. Body - Mind - Spirit blend together in order to provide outstand services at Comfort Recovery LLC."
- Michael, Professional
"Comfort Recovery LLC Staff is the best, and great session options and outpatient programs.
- Gabriela, Alumni

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