The Comfort Recovery Program

Comfort Recovery is a co-ed sober living facility and an intensive outpatient program. Our IOP is centered around treating the underlying causes of addiction and helping people achieve long-term recovery. The sober living environment provides a safe container where people can flourish while participating in our program.

Length of Stay

People usually stay in our program for 60-90 days. We believe that this length of stay provides people with enough tools and support to stay sober once they leave. In fact, many treatment programs are moving away from the 30 day model because it does not give clients enough time to heal in a safe place.

Some people who come to us are concerned about missing family or work while they complete our program. We like to remind people that it is difficult to fulfill family or work obligations in active addiction. It works much better to take this necessary time off and give yourself space to heal. We do our best to accommodate your needs in every way possible, and help you meet your commitments.

Our Addiction Treatment Programming

Program Size

Our program has capacity for 10-15 people. We pride ourselves on the fact that everyone in our sober living has the opportunity to participate in our IOP program. Creating this environment means that you will share your recovery with people who are living and doing groups with you.

Having a small program increases our ability to provide quality care to our clients. Small groups ensure that everyone’s voice will be heard during every session. With a small number of clients we can also guarantee plenty of time for one-on-one sessions. Additionally, it means that no one staff member is over burdened. Rather, you have the ability to make a personal connection with each person on our team.

Therapeutic Approach

Addictions’ origins are complex, so we at Comfort Recovery provide a range of group therapies and individual therapy sessions. Our staff is made up of highly trained clinicians that will address underlying issues that might get in the way of long term sobriety. We also provide counseling services and case management. Such services help reconnect individuals with the tools they will need to live productive lives outside of treatment.

One of the most important aspects to Comfort Recovery’s underlying treatment approach is the concept of unconditional positive regard towards our clients. We believe that individuals thrive in an environment where they are shown care, compassion, and overall kindness.

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Treating Underlying Causes

Comfort Recovery also recognizes the concept that addiction does not develop in a vacuum. Instead, it is reinforced through various compounding factors. These factors may include underlying psychological challenges (including past trauma), environment, family dynamics, and other personal relationships.

Types of Therapy Offered:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Weekly process groups
  • Relapse prevention
  • Resilience training
  • Motivational interviewing techniques (MI)


Case Management

In addition to group and individual therapy, Comfort Recovery offers case management. Case managers can help provide social services like helping you make arrangements for when you leave, discussing resume building, or helping you find support for legal problems.

Providing case management ensures that clients are taken care of logistically as well as psychologically. It is hard to focus on healing when you are worried about a court case or housing once you leave. We have qualified people to help you take care of these needs.

Recovery Meetings

Attending weekly recovery meetings is an important and necessary part of our program. We understand that clients have different needs when it comes to meetings. Therefore, we encourage people to try different types of recovery programs. Clients who stay with us can choose to go to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Refuge Recovery, SMART recovery, or any other type of established recovery meetings.

We drive all of our clients to five recovery meetings per week. These include a variety of meetings from various programs around the Los Angeles area. We support whatever works best for the client.

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