Teenagers have multiple baseless beliefs about drug and alcohol abuse. These myths spread through social media, peer circles, college groups, Television, word of mouth and the like. They need to get a fact-check. Here are some of the most popular myths about drug and alcohol abuse:

10 drug abuse misconceptions - comfort recovery llc

1. Beer is not hard liquor 

Many teenagers think that beer has low alcohol content, and is consumable.  

Myth # 1 Busted: A can of beer (which is generally 12 oz beer) contains anywhere between 4-7% of Alcohol by Volume (ABV). Regular beers contain about 5 % of ABV and light beers have about 4.2 % of ABV. When consumed in a large quantity and at a rapid rate, even beer can produce the effect of hard liquor. When men consume 4 drinks in a day and about 14 drinks per week they can be at low risk of developing alcohol addiction. When you consume alcohol above this quantity, for a longer duration, alcohol addiction treatment is necessary. 

2. Drinking alcohol can never turn into an addiction

Teenagers believe that alcohol is not dangerous. It is legally available. This means you can consume it guilt-free. 

Myth # 2 Busted: Alcohol gives a sense of euphoria and intoxication. It can be dangerous. In the short term, intoxication can lead to decreased or total loss of consciousness. These states have largely contributed to low academic performance, property damages, serious accidents or death due to drunk driving, sexual misconduct or assaults, rapes, unprotected sex, and criminal acts. In the long term, the combined euphoric feeling and intoxication can lead to dependence and addiction. When alcohol addiction is long-term, it is best to undergo Alcohol addiction treatment at a reliable alcohol addiction treatment center. Outpatient alcohol programs may only work for few people with a low risk of addiction. 

3. Only hard drugs are addictive and dangerous

Teenagers often believe that hard drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, and heroin can be addictive and dangerous. 

Myth # 3 Busted: Like Cocaine, Methamphetamines, and heroin, marijuana and alcohol are equally addictive and dangerous. On average 1 out of 6 people who abuse marijuana are likely to develop a marijuana addiction. About alcohol, the younger you are when you start drinking alcohol, the higher are your chances of dependence and addiction. Opiates and Benzos, which may be prescribed by your doctor, can also develop into an addiction if consumed beyond the prescribed quantity. The United States, in the year 2017, recorded about 45000 deaths due to opiate-substance overdose.

4. Prescription pills are prescribed by the doctor. So, you can use them for as long as you want! 

Prescription pills such as Benzos and Opiates are pain relievers, no doubt! It is true that they are prescribed by doctors! So, many people repeat the prescription for as long as they please! 

Myth # 4 busted: Prescription pills are alarmingly dangerous. A decade-long study from 1996 to 2013 reveals that Benzo-users have risen from 8.1 million consumers in 1996 to 13.5 million users by 2013. These pills when self-prescribed can lead to dependence. Overdose deaths are also a common scene. They can be fatal. 

5. Marijuana is a harmless drug, it can be used for fun occasionally 

Most teenagers believe that pot or marijuana is a wonder drug that can be consumed occasionally. It gives you a kick and a happy feeling for a short period. 

Myth # 5 busted: Smoking pot or marijuana from a young age can be extremely dangerous to the brain, lungs, and other vital organs. Marijuana addiction can cause lung cancer, bronchitis, asthma, and the like. Also, overdoses can be fatal at times. 

6. Stimulants help to open your creative side or perform better in school

Most teens believe stimulants that provide an instant kick will help them tap their creative side or perform brilliantly in academics. This could be one of the reasons for a greater demand for cocaine, crack, or amphetamines among teens. 

Myth # 6 busted: Stimulants such as cocaine, crack, or amphetamines provide an instant kick and euphoria. The impact of the kick is massive. Sadly, the kick also fades away instantly. Stimulants do not help in enhancing your creative or academic performance. In turn, when the effect of the stimulant dies down, you are left with intense craving irritation, panic, and destructive behavior in extreme cases. 

7. One can never recover from addiction

You may assume that addicts can never recover from their addiction. Irrespective of any external guidance and help, recovery and sobriety is only a dream. 

Myth # 7 busted: Rehabilitation and recovery from addiction are possible. The road to recovery is surely not easy. Sometimes there are chances of relapse. For example, if your addiction is severe and you have opted for a cold-turkey detox or Outpatient alcohol program, or outpatient drug program, the chances of relapse are higher. But, that is no reason to lose hope. Relapse is only a temporary hurdle on your road to recovery from addiction. There are various methods of recovery. There are various drug and alcohol rehab centers to help you recover. So, addiction is not permanent. If you make up your mind to recover, you can do it! Comfort Recovery LLC Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers can help you in this process. 

8. Recovery from addiction should be instant

It is true you can recover from the fever, diarrhea, and other physiological ailments within a short period. Similarly, you may expect to recover from addiction with few medications in a short time. Sounds easy, but not possible! 

Myth # 8 busted: Dependence and addiction to alcohol or drugs develop over consistent and regular abuse. Therefore, it is only valid that the recovery from dependence and addiction will take time. The recovery can take a few weeks or months or even years. The time taken for drug and alcohol addiction treatment depends on the gender, age, severity, frequency, and quantity of substance abuse.  

9. There is a wonder drug to recover instantly from drug or alcohol dependence

Most addicts believe that when they wish to recover, there is a wonder drug somewhere that could help them recover instantly irrespective of the type, severity, and stage of substance abuse. 

Myth # 9 busted: There is no wonder drug to recover from addiction. Treatment to recover from addiction is gradual and individualized. Different people respond differently to drug and alcohol addiction treatment. For some, the withdrawal symptoms can last up to years and for some others, they can prevail for only a few weeks. There is no single formula to recover from all kinds of substance abuse. 

10. It is harmless to try the taste and feel of a drug just once

Most addictions have begun as an experiment or a one-time trial to fulfill the curiosity. 

Myth # 10 busted: Trials and desire to experiment can soon turn into abuse if you develop a liking for it and the frequency of consumption increases. You think that you can stop this consumption anytime. But that day would never come because you would have developed a dependence and addiction. Also, in some cases, there are chances of overdose deaths. 

The information about drug and substance abuse is surrounded by various myths. Substance abuse can be harmful and fatal too. Learn the various myths. Educate your friends and society! Seek help if you or your loved one wants to recover and achieve sobriety! Contact a reliable drug addiction hotline in California! Contact Comfort Recovery LLC!